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iSmartSocial is a Social Recruiting Platform which helps companies and agencies to source and recruit high quality talent quickly and effectively using the highly active social network. Using this platform, recruiters can easily broadcast open jobs across social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many leading Job Boards.
Any Corporate HR, Staffing Agency, Manpower Agency, Recruitment Agency can take advantage of this platform for recruitment.
Yes, it is free. If you wish to manage more number of jobs, you need to pay.
Free account is lifetime free.
You can manage your key information with respect to Clients, Jobs and Resumes at single place. There are in-built statuses available to track the Application and Job. It is also possible to store the remarks and rating of candidate in the system.
In the profile page, there is a tab called "Social Network Account", user can add Connections in the account. Connections added by even a single team member can be accessible to all team members which provide a facility for all to work on common database reducing duplication of work providing and effective time management. Only administrator user can delete an account keeping the database more secure.
Using your administrative access, you can add new user in the system. All the registered users can work as a team and can see Jobs and Applications added in the System.
iSmart Social spreads your job requirement to multiple Social Network and Job Boards where there are greater chances to get the most suitable candidates as per the job profile. Also, it helps to import followers to your social network.
There are following statuses available in the System through which user can track the Job.

1) In-Progress: When a Job is created, by default the status would be 'In-Progress'. User can keep 'In-Progress' status till the work is in progress.
2) Completed: When Job has been completed, user can set the status to 'Completed'.
3) Hold: If a job has to be parked temporarily but cannot be completed or closed, it can be set to 'Hold'.
4) Re-Open: In case user has to again work on a closed or completed Job, user can status of Job as 'Re-Open'.
5) Closed: If a job can't be completed, it can be set as 'Closed'.
6) Hard Closed: If system finds idle jobs which have not been updated since 1 month, system automatically sets their status to 'Hard Closed'.
There are following statuses available in the System through which user can track the Application/Candidate.

1) Received: When an application/resume is received in the System, by default status would be 'Received'.
2) Rejected: When application/resume/candidate is not the right fit for the requirement, the user can reject the resume and set its status to 'Rejected'. Alternatively if client rejects the candidate, user can set its status to 'Rejected'.
3) In-Progress: When candidate is the right fit for the requirement and Client evaluation is in process of evaluation, user can set its status to 'In-Progress'
4) Selected: When candidate has cleared the evaluation process of the Client, he/she can be marked as 'Selected'. It is also considered as a 'Success' status.
5) Joined: When candidate has Joined the Client organization, user can set the status as 'Joined'. It is considered as a 'Success' status.
6) Closed: if an application can't proceed, set its status to 'Closed'.
7) Hold: If application can't be processed or rejected, set its status to 'Hold'. The candidate in 'Hold' status can be changed to 'Rejected' or 'Selected' in the future.
If website is integrated with iSmartSocial and any candidate applies on this website, resumes will be imported to iSmartSocial immediately. User just needs to maintain application in the iSmartSocial instead of individual sources like job board, website etc.
There is a setting provided in the Administrator Profile setting where user can enable or disable publishing of Job to iSmartSocial Job Board.
The setting provided in the Administrator Profile you can enable or disable publish Job on Website setting.
When you log-in as Administrator, in Profile setting there a tab called 'Website Integration'. Just copy and paste the source code on your Website page. You can see all the open jobs immediately on the Website.
It is possible to add followers to the system using excel file.
Yes, you are allowed to enter any number of social network accounts in the System.
In user profile, user can set the language and time zone preferences.
Administrator user can add new user or delete existing user from the system.
There is a provision to store the remarks where you can save candidate specific information. Also, it is possible to set the rating of candidate.
Yes, there is an option in the Profile page, Scheduling Configuration where you can set the frequency of automatic promotion of open jobs.
You can send your suggestion or queries to us on [email protected].
Yes, registration with basic information is required to start the use of the application.
Yes, iSmartSocial can be accessed from any device like smart phone, tabs etc.
Up to 1 MB file can be uploaded in the System.
No, there is no need to register to apply for a job.
iSmartSocial is designed in such a way that it detects idle jobs in the system and hard closes such jobs in the system. If there is no action performed since last 1 month on a job, it is considered as idle. User can re-open hard closed jobs as and when it is required.
In case, you discontinue with the paid subscription, you can still access all your information created during paid subscription. There is no loss of information in case of discontinuance of paid subscription.
After first time registration, you can go to "Plan Details" menu and using this menu you can choose the paid subscription plan as per your need and subscribe as per your requirement.
The following are the important advantages of paid subscriptions.

1) More number of Jobs can be managed concurrently.
2) More number of Users can participate in Team.
3) Application received notification can be received via email immediately.
4) Publish your company logo in Job Publish on social network.
You can pay through PayPal account, Debit Card, Credit Card.
Yes you can deactivate iSmartSocial account any time.

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