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The most awesome and complete features to meet all your needs!

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Promote Job

Promote Job on Social Networks and leading Job Boards in one go.

Application Tracking System

Our powerful ATS manages Clients, Jobs, Applications in one place.

Automatic Promotion

Just configure your frequency of promotion, the system does promote on scheduled time on behalf of you.

Device Support

With a simple, intuitive interface, getting you and your team on board is fast and easy. Whether it is from the web, smartphone, or another application, it has never been so easy to do recruitment.

Dashboard view

Our powerful dashboard gives you real-time access to keep your recruitment on time and efficient. Get the insight you need to ensure successful recruitment.

Invite Followers

Add more and more people to your network. Increase the networking grid.

Multi Format

Manage and store your CVs in multiple formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf etc.

Rate Your Candidates

Grade your candidates from 1 to 5. In this way, you won't need to constantly go over your CV and you will make your HR team members work easier.

Team Publish

Post content and jobs to the social networks of all your team's recruiters to get more candidates and followings.

iSmartSocial Job Board

All your Jobs can be published on the iSmartSocial Job Board to increase the chances of success.

Work as a Team

Your entire team can register and work closely as a Team on iSmartSocial reducing duplication of work.

Multi-Language Support

We speak the language of our Customers. iSmartSocial website is available in leading languages like English, Spanish, French, etc.

Corporate & Agency

iSmartSocial designed to work for Corporate and Recruitment Agencies. Based on your organization type selected, the application adjusts the functionality as per the type of organization selected.

Notes on CV

You can include comments in the CV using the notes feature. This feature is a time-saving technique as you don't have to refer to the CV's over and over again.

Immediate & Instant Notification

As soon as a candidate applies to one of your offers, you will receive an email alert.

Safe Connection

All pages in your iSmartSocial work with HTTPS connections, which ensure the safety of your data and cuts down the risk of interception.

Connect your Website

Integrate your website with us and display all Open Jobs on your website. All applied profiles will be managed under iSmartSocial. Your one-stop shop to process applications.

Auto Post to Job Board

Automatically post your open jobs to multiple job boards to get more candidates quickly.

Export To Excel

You can export your Job and Candidate data in Excel file so you can analyze it in Excel. Also, you can access such information in offline mode.

Back Office

For your job, our back-office staff search candidates from various sources like social channels, search engines, paid job boards, etc. All the resumes we get are uploaded to respective jobs on iSmartSocial by our back-office representative. This will ease you to reach the right candidates. These resumes applied on iSmartSocial will have the status as "SUGGESTED".

Network Scanner

The Network Scanner feature identifies all the matching LinkedIn profiles from your LinkedIn accounts connected with us. It identifies profiles based on keywords you have provided while creating a job.

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