Why Social Recruiting

Does Free Social Recruiting Work?

In the era of social media, recruiting has changed the way of getting its best candidates. If you have been trying to hire employees, chances are that you have at least considered using social media to find the right candidates. There is ample proof that social media can help fill jobs, but it depends on what kind of job you are trying to hire for. Step one is to be very clear on what exactly you are looking for.

Here are some mind-blasting facts about the impact of social media on recruiting.

  • 1.4 billion smartphones were sold worldwide annually.
  • As social media technology continues to evolve, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular platforms used to hire new candidates.
  • In the past five years, LinkedIn has increased from 78 million to over 400 million members, encouraging professionals to connect, share corporate news, and information.

Benefits of using social media

  • According to research, Employment through social media can increase applications by 30% to 50%.
  • With the use of social media to promote your jobs, they are visible and your chances of gaining top talents are increased.
  • Applicants from social networks were "high quality" by 65 percent of recruiters. So if you are looking for the best candidates from the market, you can definitely rely on social media recruiting.
  • As it increases your reach to better candidates, you can build a brand using social media.
  • Also, this helps you to reduce the cost of recruiting resources and overall cost per hire too.

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